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The process of writing a flawless admission essay is not a skill that everyone has mastered. That is why EssayEdge offers unique editing and writing services that ensure the voice of the individual shines. Their editors are amongst the best in the industry, and their professionalism extends to students at all academic levels.

EssayEdge Review: Proofreading and Editing for 2022

One of the best defining features of this editing service is that its prices are fair despite hiring Ivy League graduates. The EssayEdge coupon code, discounts, and promo codes given each year further work to cut the cost of each order considerably.

Rather than give basic corrections or craft a generic essay to send to any school, the editors customize the content to ensure it has all the elements to convince the admission board. Each professional on their team understands that each school has specific requirements for writing an admission essay. Therefore, apart from ensuring all the specifications are met, they use the right words to highlight your achievements and show your voice and personality.

A more in-depth revision done by certified editors, timely submission, and professionalism displayed by customer support are qualities that make this company stand out. Besides, they offer specialized services set into six main categories:

  1. Graduate school application;
  2. College application;
  3. MBA application;
  4. Medical school application;
  5. Law school application;
  6. Editing academic papers.

Did you know that this legit editing service can save you both time and money while increasing your chances of gaining admission to a dream school? In this EssayEdge review, you will uncover the company’s services and the qualities that have enabled it to continue to rank amongst the top in the business.

Overview & Contacts

The company was started in 1997 to help students from around the globe submit documents that ensure they get into schools they want. EssayEdge reviews and testimonials from customers around the world show that over 90% of students who hired their editors were able to gain admission into the top-ranked universities in the United States or dream schools. They can do that because they have vetted professionals who offer superior quality service.

The strict evaluation ensures that only the best editors with the requisite skills are accepted as part of the team. The well-laid-out website provides transparency in all its transaction. However, it’s the top-notch editing and wide array of services that continue to win the heart of many individuals.

EssayEdge proofreading reviews show that the excellent service offered has enabled the popularity and rating of the company to rise. The platform has the best reputation and continues to update its services to help meet the students’ academic needs. The type of documents they can help you edit are:

  • Recommendation letter;
  • Cover letter;
  • Scholarship essay;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Personal statement;
  • Admission letter;
  • Supplementary essay.

The company understands that most of its clients are students with a limited budget. However, with EssayEdge free coupon, the initial price is significantly slashed off for a particular order making it affordable even for those with a tight budget.

Apart from top-notch editing and proofreading assistance that is both comprehensive and confidential, the company has several avenues that clients can use to communicate with professionals. This further proves they are legit. Clients can contact the team via email, live chat, social media pages, or dial the provided phone number on their website.

Promo & Coupon Code: Reduce the Order Cost

While first-time clients get discounts, loyal customers have not been left behind as they can use the EssayEdge coupon to pay less and save more. The coupon and promo codes help clients get their orders done at a low cost regardless of the number of words.

So each time you want to make an order look for a promo code and add it before checkout. Besides, in some cases, you can apply more than one coupon for a single order and further combine it with a discount. However, the discounts are limited to specific dates.

So it’s best to find out from customer support whether your coupon code is eligible for that particular purchase. Furthermore, customers can use the company’s social media pages to know any upcoming sales, discounts, and promotions available year-round.

How Is the Proofreading & Editing Done?

The editing done by the experts is thorough and ensures the document is flawless. Even though the work will be perfect, the editors further offer suggestions that help improve writing skills. This guarantees value for money. Part of the editing and proofreading involves:

  • Varying the sentence structure;
  • Checking the format to ensure it matches what is accepted in the current academic standards;
  • Checking the text to ensure it answers the prompt and sticks to the topic;
  • Ensuring all words are spelled correctly;
  • Proper use of capitalization and punctuation;
  • The content abides by the word count and all the instructions.

The experts come in handy when a client has already written the essay but doesn’t have superb editing skills or lacks the time needed to proofread the document thoroughly. Some students may even have to proofread the essay multiple times just to catch the basic errors.

Remember, numerous applicants will be sending their documents, and a single mistake could disqualify you. On the other hand, when an expert from EssayEdge proofreads your document, you can be sure that it will give a presentation of you and your personality. They are known to help their clients write the best content that boosts their chances of success.

Are the Editors & Team Professionals?

EssayEdge has a team of experienced editors who are both native English speakers who graduated from Ivy League universities. Most of them have either master or Ph.D. degrees in their respective fields. Before getting hired, each editor has to undergo a strict vetting process to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed for the job.

Furthermore, reviews for EssayEdge from numerous reputable sites paint a picture of a company that puts its customers first. For example, the editors are highly experienced and have edited numerous documents, all of which have resulted in successful admission to the individual’s college of choice or job. To further ensure the credibility of their editors, each one has a profile displaying the following crucial details:

  • Name;
  • Years of experience;
  • Subject expertise;
  • Institution of graduation;
  • Documents they have experience editing.

Overall, you can choose a professional who graduated from Princeton University with five years’ experience or go for someone from Yale University who has been in the business for over a decade. What further makes this company stand out is that you can use the profiles to check which editors are available. That way, you don’t waste time sending your order to someone already working on another project.

What Customers Says About EssayEdge

EssayEdge reviews indeed of 4.9/5 give a glimpse of what both employees and clients can expect to get. Reviews from real-time customers are also displayed on the website to help visitors understand more about what the company offers.

Most of the comments talk about how the editors improved the quality of essays and made them so much better. Others shine a light on how experienced the team is and know exactly what to include in every application. Most of the customers gave the editors a 5/5 rating.

Safe Payment Methods

Clients can only trust an online platform and order if only they are sure the method is safe. EssayEdge has gone further and made the payment methods convenient for a customer no matter where they are. Some of the ways you can use to pay to include:

  • Credit and Visa cards;
  • PayPal;

The various payment options also come with zero glitches and enhanced privacy. The ability to pay safely and quickly further boosts customer satisfaction translating to higher usability of the company.

Prices & Extra Fees

The price for an order depends on three factors:

  • Deadline;
  • Word count;
  • Order type.

The order types are divided into four categories: premier, proofreading, standard, and All in one. Clients get to choose the order type that best fits their budget. For example, proofreading starts at $69, while a Premier orders with a two-week turnaround and comes with guidance from an editor on how best to improve the structure and content costs $379.

The Proofreading and Standard package are ideal for those who have written the essay but need a fresh pair of eyes. However, if you need writing and editing assistance and an expert to guide you, the Premier package will meet your needs. Although the price is competitive, students that want their order to be completed within a short time have to pay an extra fee.

For example, if your document has 2400 words and you want it to be proofread within 24 hours, you have to pay $159 and add an extra $59 for the work to be done within the specified time. On the other hand, the Standard package, which is also the most popular, has a 48 hours deadline and costs $149 for a document that doesn’t exceed 600 words.

However, you can pay an extra $59 to push the deadline to 24 hours and add 50% of the total cost order to get a second reading. Nonetheless, if the price seems a bit high, the EssayEdge promo code and other discounts will lower it significantly yet guarantee you the same high-quality product.

Customer Support Reviews

Unlike other companies that use robots to give automated answers, EssayEdge has an online live chat module with real human agents. Through the live chat, a client can ask everything from the company’s representative before placing an order.

Even after settling for a specific service, you can contact the assigned editor directly if you have more questions concerning your document or the editing process. This is important for first-time clients as it helps them make an informed decision.

The support agents are accessible 24/7, and they are always willing to help a client. This is a strong selling point for the platform as new clients want reassurance that they can reach the editors anytime. Reviews of EssayEdge for customer support show that every question raised is answered promptly and truthfully. The several communication channels also make it easier for you to contact the company representatives with a method that feels best for you.

For example, if you want a quick answer concerning your order, calling would be ideal. On the other hand, email would be a great option if you want a simple method of contacting the agent. On the other hand, students who spend more time on social media can reach out to the agents via EssayEdge Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter handle.

Availability and Working Conditions

While this review EssayEdge is to help a student make an informed decision about the platform, testimonials given by employees show that every day editors get projects. This is because individuals who trust the company hire professionals to polish their documents. Based on reviews from several sites, it’s clear that the employees find the work environment positive and a great platform to work from home.


Below find some most common questions and answers:

  1. What is EssayEdge?

It’s an online platform where customers can get proofreading and editing services from experts.

  1. What makes EssayEdge Unique?

They offer a wide array of services under one roof and have differently priced packages to suit every student’s budget. Clients also get familiar with editors before they decide to hire them. You can use the team section to read the profiles of each editor and know more about their experience, education level, and expertise. Besides, the company has numerous samples to help students understand the quality to expect from the professionals.

  1. How to cite EssayEdge

Every essay is original. If you read a sample and want to cite EssayEdge, use the citation style accepted in your department. You can then hire our editor to check whether your citations are correct.

  1. Where is EssayEdge located?

EssayEdge is an online company that hires only native English speakers. The hired editors can work remotely, and the support team can be accessed round the clock.

  1. What is EssayEdge Website?

It’s a user-friendly website where students can request proofreading, writing, and editing service. The website is highly encrypted to provide privacy and enhance confidentiality.

  1. How to register on EssayEdge

Simply create an account using your name, email, and phone number, then use the password to log in to your dashboard.

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